Demo 2014


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released April 20, 2014

Recorded by Charlie Henderson at Shitman's. Mixed and mastered by Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Sound. Artwork by Josh Penno.



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ILL NATURED Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Ill Natured
I am dying reality is choking me
As I struggle to find reasons to live
They say I’m ill natured, but it’s the way I was forced to be
Always without love because of pain handed down to me
I cannot connect with another soul
Devoid of life, I feel my mind be swallowed whole
Life turned cold
I know I’m the black sheep
No time for apologies while I remake the same mistakes
My only enemy constantly staring back at me from reflections I am forced to see
They say I’m ill natured, but it’s the way I was forced to be
Always without love
Always begging for forgiveness
I cannot connect with my soul
Devoid of life, I feel my mind swallowed whole
I’d rather put myself to sleep than continue with this phase of misery
Jaded, I don’t know what to believe
Because what I was told always fell from beneath my feet
My thoughts always in black and white
I struggle to decide on what I know is right
No love, no truth, no light
Track Name: Frozen In Time
You cut me off, you shut me out, you left my mind full of doubt
Will I ever be a better man
Nothing changes it’s all the same in the end
Left for dead
Anger I could never hide
I’ve never felt a sense of pride
A life of hatred is all I find
Another day wasted all on nothing
My thoughts turn to black
As I struggle to see
Love and care that always found me
Caught between two worlds
What’s real and in my mind
No amount of love can set me free
Frozen in time
Track Name: Torment
The monster in my reflection and what he does to me
The embodiment of everything I never wanted to be
The lonely nights bring out darkness in me
There’s no light when I wake, so how can I ever see
Wasn’t ready for love
Wasn’t ready to die
But at least I can say I fucking tried
Living in a daydream, that’s more like a fucking nightmare
How did it come to this constantly feeling empty
I’m done living with your guilt
You shut me out with walls you built
So tell me why should I give time to someone who said I should have never been alive
Track Name: Diseased
For all my life I bought the lies you sold
But when I questioned you
You shut me out and became so cold
A kingdom of lies that you can no longer sell
Left to squirm with the worms
In your self made hell
Left for dead
I’m slowly fading
Left for dead
I feel my life slowly fading
I never had a choice
I never had a chance to live
But now I’m just like you
A destructive force who lacks a way to feel
I still struggle with passing the days
The sickness blinds me in moments of rage
But unlike you slowly breaking the chains of your disease